Why 16 Egyptian police killed by militant

The statement said national security forces had received information that “terrorists” were in the desert to “hide, train, equip, and carry out terrorist operations, taking advantage of the rugged desert and ease of movement.”
Fifteen “terrorists” were killed or injured in the attack, state-run media outlet Ahram Online reported Saturday, citing the Interior Ministry.
Kudos to cnn.
1. What do also think can be the reason for this killing?
2. What can the government do to stop this ?
Your advice to the citizen and governement

Killed In Gloucestershire: Witness explains Spencer Ashworth event with Police

At 8.40am, the CMPG told Gloucestershire police about the unfolding incident. Avon and Somerset officers stopped the car when it left the M5 at junction 19 at 9.30am.

Images of the scene showed what appeared to be a handgun on the roof of the red Suzuki Swift. There were at least four bullet holes in the offside of the vehicle and the driver’s side front window was smashed. Blood and glass, as well as a sunhat, could be seen on the floor by the hatchback.

Witnesses have given different accounts of how many shots were fired. Motorist David Ellison said: “Ahead of me were police in the road. I saw them back off from a car and then they surrounded it. They maybe shot with handguns five, six, maybe 10 times. Then they dragged a man from the car to resuscitate him.”

  1. can this witness be true?
  2. something is still missing about this guy death because an action must have trigger his reaction with gun?
  3. What is your opinion and your say?……

Las Vegas Shooter, Suspected to be terrorist

In Cairo, it was recently confirmed by some Islamist sect that the shooting of some group in las vegas was perpetrated by some group of people with wrong intentions, adding that they converted to Islam to some months ago to disguise and perform their plans but the Islamist sec are yet to provide evident to this prove.