Recruitment Test for Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher in Secondary School


QUESTIONS: 1) Under the Supervision of the school Head Teacher, three models of decisions can
be taken.
 List down these three models and explain them / 20 PTS
2) The management of a School requires the involvement of many actors.
 List down these actors.
 Show areas where they can intervene/ 15 PTS
3) Draw the organizational structures of the public secondary school ? / 20 PTS

Recruitment Test for Deputy Head Teacher in
Secondary School

1) The Teaching staff makes ” The teacher ‘s Council”
 Explain the role of ” The teacher ‘s Council” / 15 PTS
2) The pupils’ management is a complex process
 when does it starts and when does it finish ? / 15 PTS
3) What are the components of a schools internal regulations ?
 list down 10 components. / 20 PTS

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