Psychiatry Clinical Instructor (PCI) at Partners InHealth/Inshuti Mu Buzima (PIH):Deadline :10-07-2022


Job Description
Title:PsychiatryClinical Instructor (PCI)
Chair of the Clinical Division for Academic Matters
Director of Mental Health at Partners In Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima (PIH/IMB) for Technical &

PIH District Clinical Director for day to day Clinical work implementation at Site
Hospital Medical Director or designate for health facility clinical activities
Primary Location: A cross-site role based in Kayonza but supporting Kirehe & Butaro District
Job overview:
This is a dual function role that will support Psychiatric Care at Partners In Health (PIH) supported
health facilities and leads Psychiatric education of MBBS/MGHD (“medical students”) enrolled at the University of Global Health (UGHE)- The academic Arm of PIH. The Psychiatric Clinical instructor (
will be pivotal to the advancement of quality Psychiatric care and Psychiatry Training for medical
students. In accompaniment of government, PIH runs the innovative integrated based Mental Health
Care Program implemented in the 3 PIH supported districts of Kayonza, Kirehe and Burera. The PCI
will provide Programmatic Technical advisory, support Hospital leadership to implement Psychiatry
Clinical services, and support training and mentorship of clinical staff. With a joint appointment as
Faculty at UGHE, this role will ensure curriculum development and preparation of teaching materials,
delivery and management of clinical teachings, student assessment and clerkship supervision.
In a nutshell, this role is centered around 3 key activity buckets
UGHE teaching faculty for medical students on their psychiatry rotation
Direct Clinical care and Technical support for quality Mental Health care delivery at health facilities
Programmatic support for the IMB MH program as needed and Support Capacity
building/accompaniment of other Mental Health providers
Organizational Profile: Partners in Health
(PIH) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a
preferential option for the poor in health care. Through its service delivery, training, advocacy and
research, PIH works globally to bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need
and to serve as an antidote to despair. In 2005, PIH began working in Rwanda at the invitation of the
Government of Rwanda and is known locally as Inshuti mu Buzima (IMB). PIH/IMB began an effort to
strengthen the public health systems in rural Rwanda in three rural districts whose infrastructure
remained decimated following the devastating 1994 genocide. PIH has built or renovated three
hospitals, provided support to nearly 40+ rural health centers, trained a network of over 4,000
community health workers, and developed services to address the socioeconomic determinants of
disease. Our sites serve as centers of innovation and education in health care delivery, tackling
implementation challenges from HIV to cancer, in close partnership with the Ministry of Health and
the Rwanda Biomedical Center.
Key responsibilities and /Expected deliverables:
Working with the MH Program team, the Psychiatric Clinical Instructor will provides direct clinical care
services and/or consultation on patients with psychiatric disorders for both in & out patients at
hospital level
The Psychiatric Clinical Instructor will provides capacity building to medical personnel in the mental
health department towards excellent mental health care:

The Psychiatric Clinical Instructor will provide technical support for establishment of quality clinical
Support QI projects in Psychiatric care at both community and Clinical faculty spaces across the
continuum of MH care related health promotion, prevention, screening and case management
Assess and support MH integration into primary health care services at health facilities
Support health providers to conduct research, QI and M&E activities including data analysis and use
for continuous mental health care improvements

The Psychiatric Clinical Instructor will be receiving a cross-appointment as a Clinical Faculty with
UGHE to lead Psychiatry training of the UGHE Medical student will:
Lead the development and implementation of psychiatry training curriculums to achieve learning
objectives including overseeing academic administrative responsibilities for the students
As faculty, drive Psychiatry related academic growth (research, professional development)
Support partnerships (both in Rwanda and International) with visiting psychiatric consultants and
education specialists in service of the overall goals for psychiatric education

Work with MH Department Teams to expose students to community based education, Clinical training
in and mentorship as required to comprehend MH care
Setup up the UGHE Academic Psychiatric program and have administrative responsibilities in student
clerkship and lead in formative and summative assessment of medical students
Support visiting Psychiatric consultants and education specialists in service of the overall goals for
psychiatric education at UGHE and the IMB mental health program
The Psychiatric Clinical Instructor will provide TA support to the MH Program in areas like grant
writing, program design and implementation, QI, mentorship, pharmacy and supply chain, M&E,
Medical doctor with Psychiatric specialty training with at least 3 years post-graduate experience in
global health (Provision of care and service quality improvement in resource-limited setting).
Psychiatry Clinical educator experience is strongly desired.
Show experience working in diverse professional contexts
Significant knowledge of, and passion for, community building and instilling a community-based
approach to of the field of global mental health delivery
Have strong written and oral communication skills and fluent in English. French & Kinyarwanda are
Proven commitment to social justice and ability to live and work in a rural setting
Ability to live PIH/IMB values: Ubumuntu-Compassion, Ubupfura-Integrity, UbunyangamugayoHonesty, Ubwubahane-Mutual respect, Ubumwe-Solidarity, Agaciro-Dignity, Kugira ishyakaDetermination.
At Partners In Health, we are committed to ensuring that those who benefit from our work- including
our patients, families and community members – as well as our staff are treated with dignity and
respect and protected from sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment. By submitting an
application, the job applicant confirms their understanding of these recruitment procedures.”
How to apply:

that you are the right candidate for the above position, please submit your applications: CV and
application letter in MS word and PDF formats.
Applications should be submitted not later than 10 July 2022
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