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Nyarugenge: The youth have been urged to fight against drugs

The youth of Muhima Sector, Nyarugenge District, who completed the 10th grade of Urugereo, were asked to do their best to fight the various drugs that are still present in this sector.

The Muhima sector is one of the sectors that make up the Nyarugenge region and where drugs are often found, including substandard alcohol and tobacco.

When about 120 young people from this sector completed their 10th grade, the administration asked them to fight against these drugs so that the residents can continue to live a healthy life.

These young people decided that they are going to visit areas known to have drugs, talk to drug users and make friends to show them the consequences of drug use.

Mugisha Emmanuel, said, “We are going to try to talk to drug users and our fellow youths and show them the obstacles and evils of it and thus show them the line they should walk in order to be able to improve because drugs have a negative effect on everyone who uses them.”

Anne Joy says that they are going to make friends with drug users so that they can get rid of them and get rid of them in the area.

He said, “The first thing is to make friends with those people who use drugs and approach them and tell them that they use drugs from nowhere and show them that by example we have learned that the youth are the Rwanda of tomorrow and by using drugs we will get nowhere or even bring the country.”

He added that they are going to visit villages that they know are full of drugs so that they know and talk to drug dealers and drinkers to break the habit.

The Executive Secretary of the Muhima Mukandori Sector T Grace, said that they have decided to ask these youths to set an example against drugs in order to stay away from the area and prevent them from falling into the temptation of using them.
He said, “We have warned them to refrain from engaging in drugs and engaging in bad habits such as sleeping and loitering because it may result in them carrying unplanned pregnancies so that tomorrow they will be future leaders who will contribute to building the country and have a better vision of good health and families theirs.”

Mukandori added that the youth did various activities during their stay, such as hosting a house for six orphans and repairing the house of a poor resident who had been destroyed.

The youth built more than 300 community kitchens and taught them how to prepare healthy meals.




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