JOB OPPORTUNITIES: 7 Position(s) at AKA KANOZE Access Deadline 29.03.2022


Internship Opportunities

Job Description


Organization: AKA KANOZE Access

Project: SDEPAY Project

Donor: BMZ

Location: Gatsibo, Nyaruguru, Bugesera and AKA head office at Kimihurura

Internship Duration: Two months 

AKA Background Information 

AKA was established in 2015 as a sustainability initiative of AKAZI KANOZE which was focused on developing the livelihoods of Rwandan youth with financial assistance from USAID through Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC). As a result of this initiative, 65% of the young people from forty-three thousand (43,000) young people completing the work readiness training were wage or self-employed after six months of obtaining their certificates.

Since its inception, AKA has engaged in various programs which include employability skills, access to capital and means of production, market access, and advocacy for youth development and youth empowerment.

AKA has a strong experience in working in rural and urban areas of Rwanda supporting economic activities of young people across the country. Past and current interventions strengthen the organization in managing relationships with donors and government, as well as building strong links with beneficiaries and various stakeholders. Geographically, AKA has extensive knowledge and experience of working with young people.

Today, AKA is implementing Skills Development and Employment Promotion among Youth in Rwanda (SDEPAY) project jointly with Plan International Rwanda. The WRN&BYOB will be the foundation of AKA interventions to support the selected youth in their economic development and improved livelihood conditions.

The SDEPAY project is a three-year project directly targeting 1,200 unemployed young people (60% of whom are women) to be supported through technical and soft skill trainings. Beneficiaries are expected to improve access to employment and thereby contribute to the well-being of their families.

The project will be implemented in the semi-urban and rural areas of Nyaruguru district of the Southern province, Bugesera and Gatsibo districts of the Eastern province.

The SDEPAY project targets groups who are vulnerable children and youth from 16 years to up to 30 years’ old who are out of school and socially and economically vulnerable. Their parents and other community members are targeted through awareness sessions on a regular basis. SDEPAY staff in partnership with partners follow specific criteria to select youth beneficiaries through community screening process undertaken by SDEPAY trainers.

Duration and objective of the internship

In that framework, AKA wants to hire seven (7) local interns, in category of youth, who could be capacitated by being involved in its SDEPAY interventions, particularly in its field works in Nyaruguru, Bugesera and Gatsibo districts for supporting the AKA team allocated in those districts. Furthermore AKA needs also one intern who will be based at AKA head office.

For this purpose, AKA will involve in its work over the duration of 2 months long periods, thus enabling them to gain valuable practical work experience that will further qualify them for the labor market. In close collaboration with SDEPAY field Coordinators and M&E Coordinator who will be their respective supervisors, draw up a workplan (according to the project priorities towards their personal goals) and ensure a regular exchange session to assess their level of performance.

After 2 months, their supervisors will plan to carry out a final assessment that will allow them to get certificate of completion. This could be using as confirmation to have an experience to work with NGOs.

The overall objectives to be achieved are the following:

  • To increase awareness of the work and achievements of SDEPAY and promote greater practices/ knowledge of project planning, project implementation, project monitoring and evaluation activities at the field level.
  • Promote the culture of exchange of AKA’s achievements through the internal meetings, community meetings and positively management of the feedback from project stakeholders.

Under the direct supervision and overall guidance of the SDEPAY District Coordinators or M&E coordinator, the Intern will perform the following tasks:

  • Support the field team with the collection and documentation of work-based learning activities (exposure and work experience) in the SDEPAY project;
  • Support the project team in the implementation of the project activities planned in the field;
  • Participate in the process of selecting project beneficiaries, in literacy and numeracy tests, in the organization of trainings, in the recording of field data, etc.;
  • Computerization of field data of project beneficiaries (enrollment forms, VSLG data, etc.);
  • Assist in the planning and coordination of meetings and orientations;
  • Support supervisor in maintaining professional relationships with local stakeholders and project beneficiaries;
  • Support the project team in technical assistance in the implementation of the VSLG (field visits to the VSLGs, coaching the VSLGs, orient the VSLGs, support the members of the VSLGs in their PDPs, etc.);
  •  Documentation of lessons learnt and challenges;
  • Continuous monitoring of project achievements and the quality of services provided to project beneficiaries;
  • Document/report the field works;
  • Collaborate effectively with the entire AKA team in an effort to support quality programming;
  • Ensure a good filing of project documents;
  • Any other duty as required by the field coordinator.

AKA responsibilities:

The AKA responsibilities here are representative of those that must be met by an intern to successfully perform the essential functions of this internship. Reasonable incentives may be made to enable interns to perform the essential functions. This could be discussed with the potential interns during the inception meeting.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 

  • Energetic and enthusiastic youth who can succeed in in a fast-paced, high energy environment;
  • Capability to succeed while working either independently or in collaborative settings.
  • Problem solving abilities and analytical skills;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Oral and written communication skills in Kinyarwanda, English and/or French;
  • Dependability, accuracy, and attention to detail;
  • Ability to meet deadlines, manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously, and provide effective follow-up with staff;
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office software; excellent familiarity with Excel and Pivot tables is a plus.


  • Holding bachelor degree in one of the following fields: rural development, social work, business administration, public relations or any other related field.

N.B. Every applicant will submit a hard application document to one of the above districts at the office of Plan international where he/she wants to carry out internship. For Those who want to carry out their internship at AKA head office will submit their hard applications at AKA office.

Residing in the district where you are applying for internship is an added value.

The deadline of submission of application is March 29th  2022.

Anthony Businge

Executive Director

Akazi Kanoze Access.

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