JOB OPPORTUNITIES: 10 Job positions of ICPC Manager at RICEM COMPANY:Deadline: 14th April 2023


JOB OPPORTUNITIES: 10 Job positions of ICPC Manager at RICEM COMPANY:Deadline: 14th April 2023

Rwanda Institute of Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship, and Microfinance (RICEM), a leading consulting firm for Supporting the Implementation of the Governance and Management Model for Piloted Integrated Crafts Production Centers (ICPCs) is recruiting to fill Ten (10) Manager roles in different districts’ ICPCs. Namely, Kayonza, Bugesera, Rwamagana, Karongi, Muhanga, Rubavu, Rusizi, Gisagara, Nyanza and Rulindo.


In 2012, the Government of Rwanda initiated the establishment of Integrated Crafts Production Centers (ICPCs) in each District to increase and improve employment of local artisans. The ICPCs were created to serve as standardized and modern business centres that accommodate carpenters, tailors, and other artisans in one place for production and marketing of their products. Before the creation of ICPCs, artisans operated in scattered makeshift structures within residential areas. The establishment of ICPCs was also essential in facilitating technology transfer and technical skills development among the different operators within the ICPCs. Established centers contribute to the implementation of government’s National policies and strategies such as the National Skills Development and Employment Promotion Strategy (NSDEPS), Decent and productive jobs creation (NST1) and Made in Rwanda Policy (MiR).

Soon after their establishment, the different ICPCs started to report challenges with regards to the ICPCs management. ICPCs in each district was set up, however, without clear governance structure and a management model to strengthen them. Operators did not manage to organize efficiently the centers; moreover, essential skills were lacking as well as outdated technologies and equipment used in the centers. These challenges affected the competitiveness and reputation of ICPCs, therefore the need to set up the management structure of ICPCs.

Together with the Partners (MINICOM, MINALOC and RDB), GIZ supported the development of the ICPC management model and since July 2019 they started its implementation as a pilot in six selected ICPCs: Kayonza, Karongi, Muhanga, Bugesera, Rubavu and Rusizi. Later this pilot was extended to three more districts, namely Gisagara, Nyamagabe and Kirehe.

Through this support, GIZ /Eco-Emploi Programme (Now, GIZ/SD4T) provided the technical support in piloted ICPCs by assigning qualified managers responsible for all the operations in the centers, businesses’ development, and capacity building of operators in ICPCs.

Whereas another GIZ Programme focusing on the economic inclusion of refugees and host communities (ECOREF), supported ICPCs in capacity building and entrepreneurship development to ICPCs operators and graduates from vocational training institutions in Gisagara, Nyamagabe, Huye and Kirehe districts.

To ensure sustainability of the ICPC management model project, a national ICPC task force composed by MINICOM, MINALOC, RDB, BDF, GIZ and chaired by MINICOM suggested a continuation and replication of interventions and support in supported ICPCs and roll it out in all remaining ICPCs countrywide. However, due to limited resources and as it is still eminent to find a successful model it is agreed to select and bring in three additional ICPCs from March 2023 namely Rulindo, Nyanza, and Rwamagana.

To further achieve this, GIZ Skills Development for Economic Transformation (SD4T) hired RICEM Company to mobilize, equip, coach, mentor, assist and facilitate Ten qualified managers allocated in ICPCs and ensure their work effectiveness and result oriented daily business.

Within this optics, RICEM is hiring qualified Ten Managers for the districts’ ICPCs of Kayonza, Bugesera, Rwamagana, Karongi, Muhanga, Rusizi, Rubavu, Nyanza, Gisagara, and Rulindo.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • To support ICPCs’ wood operators in implementation of proposals/designs developed by Master Instructor Carpenters (MICs) for wood workshops. At the end of this contract, the wood workshops in supported ICPCs shall be operating as recommended by the experts.
  • To develop the mid-term and annual performance-based contracts aiming at ranking the best performers therefore stimulate effective implementation.
  • To promote joint actions of ICPC’s operators in implementing common activities such as: joint purchase of raw materials, establishing joint showroom in the neighboring town joint tendering, etc…
  • To track the status and follow up on the implementation of “Intervention exit strategy” proposal and adjust them where deemed necessary and support their speedy implementation.
  • Build and/or strengthen the partnership between the neighboring TVET schools with respective ICPCs in line with the implementation of workplace learning and placements. Furthermore, ensure concrete/tangible outcomes from the existing agreements.
  • To support the programme of advisory, mentorship and training of refugees’ saving groups in the camps located in the targeted districts.
  • To collaborate with Monitoring and Evaluation team of the client to establish and/or improve an effective data collection approach/method in the supported ICPCs.
  • To continue the implementation of the ICPC annual action plan retrieved from the 5yr business plans approved at the district and develop the following year’s action plan.
  • To plan and implement interventions related to the compliance of OHS/EHS based on the recommendations and set measures highlighted in each of ICPC checklist.
  • To continually ensure the growth of profitability for ICPC Operators and the increase of economical flow towards the Center self-financing according to the qualitative and quantitative objectives as defined by GIZ and the National Taskforce.
  • To strengthen a close business-oriented networking and peer-to-peer capacity building with cooperatives, companies, and other formal businesses from the ICPCs’ value chains.
  • To identify interventions aiming at Improving technical and managerial capacities of MSMEs and Cooperatives in ICPCs.
  • To create safe, modern, standardized, and well-organized Centers.
  • To support ICPCs members selected within Incubation and Acceleration programme of NIRDA to effectively benefit from the acceleration services provided by the Wood Sector Facility and sensitize new actors for the upcoming opportunities.
  • To encourage and engage ICPC’s operators to participate to national and local tenders.
  • To support ICPC to put in place an actionable marketing strategy for products made in the ICPC including participation in trade fairs, etc.
  • To promote formalization of businesses operating in ICPCs.

Job Specifications for ICPC Managers  

Required Qualifications, Competence and Experiences:

  • A Bachelor in Finance management, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, Project Management, SME/ Cooperative Management, and other similar options, …
  • Having at least 3 years’ professional experience in SMEs/ Cooperatives and business management. (Having past experience working with ICPCs and cooperatives will be an advantages)
  • Hard working, patient, enthusiastic and flexible.
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving and organization skills
  • Clear and strong communications skills and public relations skills
  • Data collection and assimilation skills
  • IT proficient and comfortable with Microsoft Office
  • Fluent in English and Kinyarwanda, written and spoken.

Desired results:

  • Follow detailed action plan to transform an ICPC into a self-managed and self-financed center and to promote the economic growth of all ICPC’s operators.
  • Monthly updated economic data related to ICPC’s operators including business relationships with suppliers and vendors of their products. Inputs and outputs regarding refugees shall be marked separately.
  • A plan to ensure the conformity of the ICPC infrastructure with the OHS/EHS regulatory frameworks, keeping in consideration all gaps identified in the ad hoc audit already executed.
  • Monthly reports on activities performed to support the economic growth of ICPCs operators, including key parameters for the evaluation of their performance (including but not limited to monthly/annual turnovers and rate of profit),
  • ICPC internal and external communication and marketing strategies.
  • Copies of signed MoUs, minutes of meetings and contracts between ICPCs operators and TVET schools or other service providers.
  • Follow-up on exit strategy
  • Progressive weekly reports.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and final cumulative reports on ICPCs activity.
  • Specific reports on the activities performed in regards with Businesses networking, exposure, and linkages to sources of financing.

All candidates interested in this position and have the relevant experience have to submit their CVs plus the copies of relevant degrees and certificate of employment to this email address:

Deadline: 5PM CAT on 14th April, 2023.

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