4 New Job Positions at COPEDU PLC Deadline:18th March,2022


4 New Job Positions at COPEDU PLC(Deadline:18th March,2022)

About the Organization and Job Details

The Organization


COPEDU PLC is a microfinance institution that provides financial services such as credits and savings to its customers. COPEDU LTD was registered as a Microfinance Company in Rwanda Development Board (RDB) on February 21, 2013, with a certificate to perform microfinance services by the Central Bank of Rwanda (BNR) on 13th/03/2014.
On 25th/01/2019, COPEDU LTD changed its name to COPEDU PLC following the provisions of Law N ° 17/2018 of 13/04/2018 governing commercial companies. This means that COPEDU PLC is a Public Limited Company that can call on the public for investments as shares.

 Job Description Details

Chief Accountant at COPEDU PLC(Deadline: 18th March,2022)

General Description:

Under the supervision of the Head of Finance Department, the Chief Accountant is responsible for coordination and supervision of the Finance team in day-to-day activities. He/she is also responsible for the application of accounting and tax procedures and the respect of the deadlines for the closing of accounts.

Job description

  • Ensure that budget activities are aligned to the goals, mission and objectives of the company.
  • Perform bank account reconciliations, reconcile bank transactions on a weekly basis and resolve exceptions and anomalies.
  • Periodically produce COPEDU Plc’s financial statements.
  • Ensure that all fixed assets acquisitions, disposals, and changes are authorized and accurately recorded.
  • Ensure that petty cash is used for the intended purpose and is accounted for properly.
  • Ensure that all tangible assets are individually identified, physically verified, and regularly accounted for.
  • Declare and pay all the tax and social declarations.
  • Ensure that amount in receivable account is well managed
  • Ensure that revenue is recognized on time.
  • Work with internal and external auditors to correct accounting errors.
  • Develop and monitor the cash flow plan.
  • Participate in cost negotiations regarding foreign exchange transactions.
  • Ensure that all transactions and events of COPEDU PLC are processed and coded in line with the approved chart of accounts.
  • Ensure that all account is closed of properly and on time
  • Coordinate, supervise and mentor Department staff.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the supervisors.


  • A0 in Finance, Accounting or Management
  • Age between 25 to 40
  • At least 4 years’ experience in Finance or Accounting in the banking sector.
  • Good analytical, management and anticipation skills
  • Excellent command of computer tools and software used in accounting and treasury
  • Fluent in Kinyarwanda, French and/or English
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to manage a team and great listening skills
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Professional accounting qualification (CPA/ACCA) would be an asset

General Services and Administration Manager at COPEDU PLC(Deadline: 18th March,2022)

General Description:

The General Services and Administration Manager is responsible for coordinating, supervising and effectively manage the procurement, logistics, and administrative activities to ensure a smooth operation.

Job Description

  • Direct and manage the team and work within the General Services and Administration unit.
  • Manage supply, facilities, maintenance, inventory, and all property.
  • Plan and coordinate administrative procedures and systems and the way of streamline processes.
  • Organize and supervise the procurement process.
  • Supervise the purchase of new equipment’s within budgetary limits.
  • Monitor costs and expenditures to facilitate effective budget preparations.
  • Organize and supervise other office activities (recycling, renovations, event planning).
  • Identify and evaluate potential suppliers, negotiate contracts, establish, a maintain supplier relationships.
  • Negotiate with external vendors to secure advantageous terms
  • Perform risk management for supply contracts and agreements
  • Support the drafting, evaluation and bid opening; verify and approve invoices against signed contracts and work progress/delivery.
  • Any other task assigned by the supervisors


  • Bachelor’s degree in Logistics and/or Procurement, Management and Administration.
  • Age between 25 to 40
  • At least 4 years of experience in a similar role in a banking sector.
  • Have good analytical, synthesis and management skills
  • Fluency in Kinyarwanda, French and/or English.
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate diplomatic skills
  • Strong argumentation, persuasion, and negotiation skills
  • Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Mastery of various banking information systems.
  • Detail-oriented and able to synthesize information
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Ability to manage a team

Internal Auditor at COPEDU PLC(Deadline: 18th March,2022)

General Description:

Under the supervision of the Head of Internal Audit Department, Internal Auditor is expected to help an organization to achieve its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes to mitigate the key risks.

Job description

  • Assist in the preparation of annual audit plan whilst ensuring that is designed according to the high-risk areas.
  • Responsible for conducting preliminary risk assessments to prepare audit program to assess efficiency and effectiveness of internal controls
  • Perform the audit tests and document the working papers in lines with international auditing standards.
  • Investigates frauds arising from inside or outside and provides recommendations on appropriate preventive measures.
  • Analyze the procedures in place and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Produce the periodic internal audit reports
  • Conduct the periodic follow up on previous audit recommendations.
  • Perform any other similar duties as assigned by his/her superiors.


  • A0 in Accounting or Auditing
  • Age between 25 to 35
  • At least 3 years’ experience in the audit Department working in a bank is an asset
  • Professional qualification (CIA/CPA/ACCA) would be an asset
  • Knowledge of audit techniques based on professional standards: planning, verification, and reporting.
  • Knowledge of corporate risks, particularly banking risks.
  • Mastery of information systems in the audit field.
  • Mastery of computer tools.
  • Rigor and initiative.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Integrity and ethics.

IT Audit Manager at COPEDU PLC(Deadline: 18th March,2022)

General Description:

Under the supervision of the Head of Internal Audit Department, IT Audit Manager is responsible for identifying, determining, and evaluating all risks associated with COPEDU Plc’s IT systems operations and recommend appropriate preventive measures.

Job Description

  • Develop the annual IT audit plan to ensure that these plans address all key IT risks.
  • Perform audit on system operating procedures, system security, programming controls, communication controls, backup; disaster recovery and system maintenance to make recommendations on areas of improvement.
  • Conduct assessments of information processing systems to determine their effectiveness.
  • Review control aspects of new IT applications, products, or services throughout their development and implementation to ensure appropriate changes are made within established time frames.
  • Evaluate information systems to ensure that information management is accurate, adequate, and reliable for decision making.
  • Review information systems facilities and services to determine the adequacy of COPEDU Plc’s logical controls, change control, backup and recovery procedures, and business continuity management.
  • Identify and recommend improvements in current risk management controls for implementation of system changes or upgrades.
  • Analyze and document all information systems and their respective controls and develop an appropriate audit program to test the effectiveness of controls.
  • Assess the reliability and integrity of operational information systems and prepare report for decision making.
  • Prepare and submit IT audit reports to the Head of Internal Audit.
  • Follow up on audit recommendations to ensure that implementation of recommendations is undertaken.
  • Conduct legitimate investigations to ensure accurate analysis, conclusions, or admissible evidence and recommendations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information technology
  • Age between 25 to 40
  • Professional qualification (CISA- Certified Information Systems Auditor) would be an asset
  • At least 4 years’ experience in similar field or IT Department in the bank.
  • Willing to learn audit techniques and methodology based on professional audit standards.
  • Proficiency in computer languages and knowledge of IT risks
  • Mastery of various banking information systems.
  • Rigorous, methodical, detail-oriented, and able to synthesize information
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Integrity and ethics

 How to Apply

Job Application Channel Accepted  and any other relevant Application  Info’s 

All applications must include a motivation letter, ID copy, a detailed Curriculum Vitae and copies of degrees which will be sent to the following e-mail address: hr-recruitment@copeduplc.rw  no later than Friday, March 18, 2022.

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