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30 Job Positions of Enumerators at Education Project Education Development Consult: (Deadline 6 October 2023)

30 Job Positions of Enumerators at Education Project Education Development Consult: (Deadline 6 October 2023)

Hiring  Enumerators – Early Childhood Education Project

  1. About Education Development Consult (EDC)

Education Development Consult (EDC) is a Global Research, Education and technology focused company and headquartered in Rwanda. Through its deliverables financing approach, EDC focusses on Teaching and Learning Resources and Teacher Capacity Development,   Projects outcomes measurements and education Technology to improve the learning outcomes.  For more information click on

  1. Our Mission

To empower the young generation and communities through the development of quality and inclusive Education in Africa

  1. Our Vision

To be the champion for improving the quality of education and transforming the lives of the low income families in Africa.

  1. Our Values
  • Partnership: We strive to establish and sustain fruitful partnerships
  • We act with honest and integrity: We strive to be true in whatever we do in all locations we operate.
  • Excellence: We strive to empower and equip people to serve to the best of their ability and to develop high quality innovative models of practice that can be shared with others.
  • We Care: we strive to care, protect the children and communities
  • We are Team: Diverse, yet supportive, aligned and not Divide.

5. Background to the project

Our Client is currently delivering a four-year project (2021-2025) to support the integration of learning through play (LtP) within Early Childhood Education (ECE). The project aims to support at national and local government level, school and classroom level, and at the community and parent level. Central to the project is building the professional capacity of pre-primary teachers.

Twigire Mumikino Rwanda (TMR), or ‘Let’s Learn through Play Rwanda’, is a four-year project delivered by Our Client and funded by the LEGO Foundation (LF). TMR seeks to transform support for Learning through Play (LtP) at all levels of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) system and amongst parents and communities in Rwanda. The goal of TMR is to see that children in Rwanda aged 3-6 years’ experience quality and sustained learning through play in school and centre-based learning environments which supports their development as engaged and lifelong learners.

By championing play-based learning, TMR will strengthen play-based ECE as the basis for lifelong learning in all 30 Districts of Rwanda by positively impacting over 250,000 children, 2,000 teachers, 600 school leaders, 145,000 parents as well as local leaders and community members in the school community. TMR will support greater integration of LtP in ECE policy and programming at national level.

The TMR theory of change maintains that to achieve the goal of children in Rwanda aged 3-6 to experience quality and sustained learning through play in school/centre-based learning environments that support their development as engaged and lifelong learners, there is need to have quality trained teachers who value and apply LtP approaches.  This is achievable if education system actors in national and local government, school leaders, parents, caregivers and communities play their respective supportive roles to create an enabling environment for LtP to be firmly adopted as the foundation of early childhood education. For this to happen, all actors need to understand and value LtP, and to understand and deliver their role in this process of transformative change.

  1. Project outcomes

The project aims to achieve three overall outcomes each with specific objectives

Outcome 1: Improved integration and support for learning through play within the ECE system at all levels.

Outcome 2: Improved ability of ECE teachers to facilitate learning through play with children aged 3-6

Outcome 3: Increased use of LtP in classrooms leads to improvements in children’s learning and early academic outcomes

  1. Background to the assignment

The assignment will evaluate the effectiveness of project interventions designed to build capacity of teachers namely digital content for in-service teachers’ continual professional development delivered through the through our client’s School App, peer support through Communities of Practice (CoPs) and school-level support from ECE Mentors. To achieve the process evaluation, the assignment will test three arms (see below) to identify the differences in implementation quality, effectiveness of components in addition to the client’s base model, and whether client’s program leads to improved learning and development outcomes for children in order to inform future programming and scaling decisions.

The assignment will be from September 2023 to September 2024. Education Development Consult will be based on deliverables achieved through a number of contracted days at periodic intervals from September 2023 to September 2024. It is in that framework that Education Development Consult seeks to hire 30 enumerators to support the implementation of the above mentioned assignment.

8. General Objectives  of the assignment

The overall objective of this process evaluation is to test the effectiveness and implementation quality of TMR project approaches to in-service teacher continual professional development (CPD) and incorporation of play-based approaches in the classroom.

8.1 Specific objectives of the evaluation:

1. Examine how well we can deliver the program at different levels of comprehensiveness:

  • Self-guided digital content (i.e. the Client Schools App) only
  • ‘Blended’ CPD for teachers (Client Schools App, plus CoPs, plus support from ECE Mentors)

2. Estimate the impact of each Client model on both teacher and child outcomes via comparison to a control group of schools, teachers, and students.

3. Understand/learn the varying levels of likely effectiveness as the program becomes increasingly comprehensive via comparison between the two treatment arms.

4. Identify what adjustments might need to be made before going to scale.

9. Scope of Assignment

The process evaluation focuses on the quality and effectiveness of project approaches to teacher capacity development and the greater use of play-based approaches in the classroom.

The evaluation will include a sample of 744 ECE teachers and at least 900 children (number to be finalized in consultation with Education Development Consult (EDC) and IPA) in 372 schools spread across all 30 Districts across the 3 treatment arms:

  1. Self-guided digital content (i.e. the Client Schools App) and Client  support for head teachers only
  2. ‘Blended’ CPD for teachers (Client Schools App and head teacher engagement, plus additional CoPs, plus support from ECE Mentors)
  3. A control group of teachers and schools receiving “treatment as usual”, including ECE mentors and Communities of Practice, with no Client intervention.
  4. Qualifications and experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in education with sciences early childhood Education, Statistics and other related Field.
  • At least 3 years of experience conducting the data collection assignments  in sub Saharan Africa preferably in Rwanda. Working with NGOs or private sector is a plus.
  • Having the Knowledge of using Tablets or Smartphones to collect the data
  • Having an experience to administer the IDELA Tool is an advantage
  • The candidate should have the functional smartphone for use to collect the required data if needed.
  • Willing to attend the training of data collectors to be refreshed with knowledge and methodologies to appropriately deliver the assignment.
  • Willing to travel wherever across the country to conduct the assignments.
  • Willing to work in the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) if required
  • Ready to start the assignment as soon as possible once hired
  1. Application

If you are interested please send your CV including three professional referees and motivation letter explaining your interest for the position at by October 6th, 2023 at 10:00 Central African Time.  For any clarifications kindly contact Dr Faustin Mugiraneza(PhD) on +250788518133. Kindly put Enumerator –Early Childhood Education Project in the subject line

Note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the next stage *

*Disclaimer: Education Development Consult does not charge any kind of fee at whichever stage of the recruitment process*

Ms.Uwayezu Clementine

Chief Operations Officer


Ibaruwa isaba Abayobozi b’ibigo by’amashuri gukorera Isumabushobozi ry’Abarimu 2022-2023

Ibaruwa isaba Abayobozi b’ibigo by’amashuri gukorera Isumabushobozi ry’Abarimu 2022-2023 muri Kirehe Ibaruwa isaba Abayobozi b’ibigo by’amashuri gukorera Isumabushobozi ry’Abarimu 2022-2023 muri Kirehe
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