Steps towards Sexual Harassment

AFTER the revelations of Harvey Weinstein’s spate of sexual assaults on the women of Hollywood, and the countless other accusations that have emerged against men of power in its wake, some people are finally waking up to the realities of sexual harassment and its pervasive nature in our society.

The MeToo hashtag that appeared in the days following the statements – and continues to swamp social media – left many men reeling at the extent of the problem. Sadly for women, this movement just reaffirmed what they already knew.

The problem is pandemic. It snakes and weasels its way into every industry. While this latest incident has highlighted the problem in all its warped lecherous glory, I wonder what will actually change once the #IHearYou hashtag – men’s response to #MeToo – dies down and we all move on to the next scandal.

The men of today most certainly need to do some soul searching, as uncomfortable as that may feel, but we can also collectively take steps to stem the spread of sexual violence and entitlement long before it gets to this disturbing point.

Before the message of casual misogyny is ingrained, we need to take steps to actively teach the next generation of young men a healthier narrative and stop just crossing our fingers in the hope they will be better, as if the outcome is beyond our control.

We should be teaching not just consent, but respect for girls as fellow human beings, in every classroom, in every school, in every country in the world.

You have to wonder if we would have the boldfaced Weinstein-esque predation of women by men in power, the spate of college sexual assaults, the sickening levels of rape in communities across the globe if jovial catcalling, “playful” ass-grabbing, and macho “locker room talk” were not the status quo, but behaviour that was instead shamed rather than celebrated.

Sorry, my mistake, you don’t need to wonder! The results are in and they are overwhelmingly positive. Places that teach consent and respect to boys as young as primary school are seeing rates of rape and abuse drop by extraordinary levels.

Take the case in Nairobi, Kenya and the incredible work of No Means No Worldwide. Classes teaching both the boys about respect, and the girls self-defence, have seen the number of rapes drop by 50 percent. They have seen boys step in when they see abuses happen. And just as importantly, the attitudes of these young men have shifted dramatically.

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  1. will such step help?
  2. Can we base our tactics on the method used in other countries?
  3. What is the cause of this?
  4. Your view and Advice to people

Reasons to Spain actions toward Catalonia

Relations between Spain and Catalonia are set to be tested further today as the Spanish government prepares to take away Catalan regional powers.

The Spanish Senate in Madrid is to approve Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s plan to use Article 155 of the country’s constitution to remove or limit Catalonia’s self-rule.

But some expect the move will motivate Catalan lawmakers to unilaterally declare its independence from Spain, in what is seen by separatists as mandated by the independence referendum on 1 October.

In the weeks since the referendum, which was labelled as illegal by Spain, tensions between the two sides have grown.

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  1. Can it be the right step toward neighbor?
  2. What can be the reason for this?
  3. What is your own view and advice to that nation.

Reasons :Court actions to Australian law makers

SYDNEY, Australia — After months of uncertainty, Australia’s High Court ruled Friday that five members of Parliament who have dual citizenship were ineligible to run for their seats, a ruling that threatens the government’s one-seat majority in the House of Representatives.

The decision means that the seat belonging to Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce of the National Party, a coalition partner, will go to a by-election, which will be around Dec. 2.

The ruling came months after what appeared to be a minor scandal forced several politicians to resign, eventually growing to threaten the government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The issue has raised questions about the vetting of candidates and how Australia’s Constitution is interpreted.

Under Section 44 of the Constitution, citizens of other countries are not eligible to run for the federal Parliament. Constitutional experts say the wording originally referred to people outside the Commonwealth, which included not only Australia but Canada, New Zealand and a host of other British dominions and territories.

The issue erupted in July when Scott Ludlam, a longtime Greens party senator from Western Australia, abruptly resigned after discovering he had retained New Zealand citizenship after becoming a naturalized Australian. While his supporters lamented the loss of a leader who had made a name with his stirring speeches and stern antinuclear stance, opponents accused the party of lazy vetting.

Friday’s ruling found that only Mr. Canavan and Mr. Xenophon were eligible to have run. And while Ms. Nash is also a member of the governing coalition, her seat will be filled by a member of the same ticket, so only the potential loss of Mr. Joyce’s seat could imperil the government.

As the cases wound through the courts, the local news media named the group “the Citizenship Seven.”

Their situations varied. Some were born overseas and incorrectly believed they had renounced their citizenship rights. One senator, Mr. Xenophon, said he discovered that he held a rare type of British citizenship through his father, who left Cyprus before it gained independence from Britain. Another said she was unaware she had been granted British citizenship by descent through her estranged Scottish father.

Mr. Joyce said he had not known he could be a citizen of New Zealand through his father until the local news media made inquiries to its Department of Internal Affairs.

Scrutiny now will be on Mr. Joyce, who formally renounced his dual citizenship after the scandal began and is free to campaign to retain his seat. He may face a challenge from Tony Windsor, an independent politician who questioned Mr. Joyce’s eligibility for Parliament in the High Court case.

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  1. What could be the reason for this action ?
  2. Can we say the court action was wrong?
  3. What will be the crisis that this action may cause in Australia.
  4. your advice and view to the Australians?

Reasons to Australian Barnabay Joyce loses

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been removed from parliament for being a New Zealander.

Joyce was one of several lawmakers ruled ineligible Friday by the High Court in Canberra, but the only one from the lower house.
His removal sparks a by-election and puts Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s one-seat parliamentary majority at risk.
The Australian constitution bars citizens of foreign countries from serving in parliament.
“It’s a pretty simple story, we’re off to a by-election (and) I put myself forward to the people of New England as a candidate,” Joyce told reporters in his constituency, a rural part of eastern Australia, north of Sydney.
“I had no reason to believe I was a citizen of any other country but Australia.
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1. Can the removal be as a result of political influence?
2. What is your own view and advice

Support of 5 U.S presidents to Hurricane crisis

The appeal was first launched after Hurricane Harvey that made landfall in Texas, but it has now been expanded to include Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, The Guardian reported. The event featured several country and gospel music stars, and a performance by Lady Gaga.
Donald Trump, whose response to the disaster at Puerto Rico has been criticised in recent seeks, did not attend but sent a message expressing “deep gratitude”.
The show comes after a week in which both Obama and Bush criticised Trump’s administration of the country.
Last week, during a speech in Virginia, Obama said the present policies reflected a tendency to “demonise people who have different ideas”. Without mentioning Trump, he said, “You’ll notice I haven’t been commenting a lot on politics lately. But here’s one thing I know: if you have to win a campaign by dividing people, you’re not going to be able to govern them.”
Bush gave a speech in New York saying he was concerned about how “bigotry seems emboldened” in a climate of cruel rhetoric and nativism, BBC reported. George W Bush and his father George HW Bush are members of the Republican party,

Health: the deadly drug discovered

Shortly after lunchtime, as drizzle fell outside at the start of a week without work, Paddy Colby told his father that he was going to watch television in his bedroom. He trudged upstairs, closed the door and killed himself.
The cheerful handyman and stepfather did not mean to die. Once in his bedroom, he took out a ‘wrap’ of heroin he had bought – a drug which sells on the streets of Hull for £10.
Then he put the powder in citric acid, heated it up and injected it into his body.
After years of addiction, Colby, 39, might have noticed the drug was more soluble than usual and the liquid had a strange reddish hue.
But it hit him so fast that when his stepmother found his body three hours later, the syringe was still in his hand.
For the ‘wrap’ he bought was not just heroin. It had been mixed with two lethal man-made opioids – fentanyl, a painkiller 100 times more potent than morphine; and carfentanyl, an elephant tranquilliser 10,000 times stronger than street heroin.
These are the synthetic drugs carving such a deadly course across the United States, an epidemic that left 64,000 people dead last year, including rock star Prince. This year’s death toll may double.
Now the drugs have arrived in Britain – and a spate of sudden deaths in Hull, the worst incident in the UK so far, shows their devastating impact. Just a few grains of carfentanyl – 0.00002g – can be fatal.
Colby was one of at least 15 people – and possibly more than 20 – killed in Hull and the surrounding area in just a few weeks.
Their lives ended after heroin was mixed with the synthetic opioids, which are made in laboratories abroad, bought on the internet and sold at vast profit. In another case, six people were killed on one side of a street in Stockton, Teesside, earlier this year.
These lethal drugs have begun cropping up across the country – first found in Blyth, Northumberland, then suspected in deaths and drug busts from Leeds to London, St Albans to Southampton, Wakefield to Winchester, and Wales to Northern Ireland.
This feels eerily familiar to me after reporting two months ago from the front line of the US drug crisis in Ohio – not least since there are signs Britain is seeing the same overuse of prescription opioids.
As the Hull inquests unfold, exposing sad stories of lives wrecked by addiction, events in this proud fishing community should serve as a wake-up call to complacent authorities.
“These new drugs are the very dangerous tip of an iceberg,” said Detective Chief Inspector Paul Kirby, of Humberside Police, who admitted he knew little about the problem before it hit his patch. “The country needs to be alert.”

4 people injured in Philadelphia mass shooting

four people have been injured in a shooting along the 1200 block of Carla’s Lane, Chester.
Two men and two women were left with injuries in their lower bodies following the incident.
Assault Rifle and handgun rounds have been found as part of investigations.
Local media has reported the victims all attended Crozer-Chester Medical Center, where they are in stable condition

China will soon be the powerful nation

“The Chinese nation…has stood up, grown rich, and become strong – and it now embraces the brilliant prospects of rejuvenation. It will be an era that sees China moving closer to centre stage and making greater contributions to mankind.”
Mr Xi said China was “a great nation”, adding: it has been through hardships and adversity but remains indomitable.

Referees Errors On football: says

Malaga boss Michel Gonzalez feels the time has come to “talk about referees” after a refereeing error helped Barcelona beat his side 2-0 on Saturday.

Gerard Deulofeu’s second-minute goal should not have been given by Pablo Gonzalez as Lucas Digne was out of play when he crossed the ball to the winger, in part leaving Malaga at the bottom of La Liga and still winless this season.

“The incident was so clear that there’s no need to comment,” the Coach said after the game.

“It does little for us because we still have only one point. This season’s been strange for us.

“The team played well and had their chances, but we were already losing after two minutes in and it’s difficult to explain.

“We don’t talk about referees, but maybe we should. We know that refereeing is very difficult, but these things happen to Coaches and players too.

“Errors can be human, but they influence games tremendously.”


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  1. Can we say he is saying the truth concerning that match?
  2. Who is guilty the ref or the player?
  3. What is your advice to the football fans .

Why 16 Egyptian police killed by militant

The statement said national security forces had received information that “terrorists” were in the desert to “hide, train, equip, and carry out terrorist operations, taking advantage of the rugged desert and ease of movement.”
Fifteen “terrorists” were killed or injured in the attack, state-run media outlet Ahram Online reported Saturday, citing the Interior Ministry.
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1. What do also think can be the reason for this killing?
2. What can the government do to stop this ?
Your advice to the citizen and governement